Devoured & Savoured


Chris is a normal boy. Only his mother has a special feature: She is a Lethe and they feed on human memories!

Chris meets Zoe who is also a Lethe. There is only one problem: She seems to have no idea what she is.

In order to become a full-fledged Lethe she has to throw herself into an adventure she has not prepared for.


Gerne: Fantasy


Physical copy: (currently only in German)


Volume 1: 134 Pages, 12 of them in color, Softcover, Paperback, Munken Pure Paper Price 12,00 €

Volume 2: In progress - Release 2018/2019

Volume 3: Planning phase


Ambrosia (Tales from Sylmeria)


The mercenary Omid was commissioned by the perky Nakahi to assist her in her search for the godfruit "Ambrosia" and to protect her from monsters. When they finally find the sacred temple that seems to house the divine fruit, things developed different for both of them.


The story is part of my "Tales from Sylmeria" universe. It can be read independently of the other stories.


Gerne: Fantasy, Action


Physical copy:


Short Story: 48 Pages, Softcover, Paperback, Munken Pure Papier - Release 19.06.2018


Chaos Splinter (Tales from Sylmeria)


Planning phase.


Gerne: Fantasy, Action


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